Resins compatible with flame retardants (phosphate esters)

When you think of flame retardants, halogens may come to mind. Halogens are very powerful flame retardants because they stop the combustion reaction itself.

Phosphorus flame retardants are the first choice when halogens cannot be used or when halogen-free is required. Others may recall hydrated metals such as ATH and MgO2.

Halogens and hydrated metals do not require much substrate material due to their flame retardant mechanism. On the other hand, phosphate esters exhibit high flame retardancy when matched with the base material.

Phosphate ester flame retardants are most compatible with amorphous resins that do not contain oxygen in their structure.

Specific examples include polyurethane, epoxy, polycarbonate, PC/ABS, and modified PPE.

Phosphate ester flame retardants can add functions other than flame retardance depending on the product. Please feel free to contact us.

We wish you success in selecting the appropriate flame retardant, which will lead to the protection of precious lives and assets.